Your Christmas Gin Gift Guide

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4th November 2019
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Are you the sort of person who leaves Christmas shopping until the week before? Well don’t worry Gin Lane is here to help.

Since ’tis the season to be jolly, we’ve made our resident shop elf put together a list of the perfect Christmas gifts for your loved ones and additionally some Secret Santa Gifts for your work colleagues. (psst… socks are so 2018)
Ranging from tasty Yorkshire gins to flavoursome gins from across the pond… What will you wake up to under your Christmas tree?

Sacred Christmas Pudding Gin – £38.00

No Christmas Gin list would be complete without a Christmas pudding gin and thankfully Dan Hart the genius at Sacred Gin has come up with just that. (Before you ask, yes, it’s made with a real Christmas pudding)
By using his great aunt Nellie’s recipe and infusing the pudding into neutral grain spirit, Sacred have achieved the unimaginable.
Rich cakey mouthfeel with raisins and dry currents prominent… It’s desert without the stodge!

Leave it in the freezer on Christmas Eve and get the shot glasses ready for after dinner because desert just got tasty!

MOM Gin – £36.00

It’s quite self explanatory who this gift is aimed at. The queen of your family deserves a truly special gin with a vibrant berry flavour, incredibly smooth mouthfeel and a distinctively sweet finish that will surely win you the title of favourite child this Christmas.
With a slogan like “God save the Gin” we can strongly get behind that.

Jacqson Gift Set – £16.00
The team at the Jacqson Distillery in Huddersfield base themselves around solely producing top quality gin, no gimmicks or glitter, just a juniper dominant flavour profile and a little touch of creativity. Containing a 5cl version of there Rhubarb & Liquorice, Strawberry and cream and Star anise & Chilli, this tube of goodness has a little bit of something for everyone.

Perfect as Secret Santa Gifts and amazing stocking fillers (Who doesn’t love a shot of gin as they open presents)

Ki No Bin – £50.00
Produced by Number One Drinks Company in Kyoto, Japan. It’s the perfect gin for any cabinet, meaning “the beauty of the seasons”, it’s made with a rice spirit complemented by the addition of regional botanicals such as yellow yuzu, hinoki, sancho pepper and gyokuru tea from Uji and blended with the famed waters of Fushimi.

Inspired by tradition, crafted in Kyoto.

Manchester Signature Gin – £33
A Gin inspired by a love story. This award-winning gin comes with a refreshing sweet and citrus notes and features hand foraged Dandelion and Burdoch Root. (Always has us dreaming of a can of Ben Shaws with a portion of fish and chips)  Plus it comes in a beautiful honeycomb designed bottle with the Manchester Worker Bee at the bottom of the bottle. Whats not to love?

Unicorn Tears – £40
Glitter, Unicorns, Magic and more glitter?!!! Swirl the bottle and release the magic (Yes, i’m writing this whilst swirling the bottle)
What more can we say? It’s a bottle fully of magical unicorn tears! To create this magical concoction, free range Unicorns are humanely fed bucket loads of citrus fruit, oranges, juniper berries and sticks of liquorice.

Divine Raspberry – £42
A firm favourite here at Gin Lane HQ, R2 Distillers from Holmfirth, West Yorkshire are all about creating gin true to its roots, juniper dominant whilst incorporating a modern day twist. Using their London Dry as a base, rather than infusing raspberries, they squeeze every last drop out of frozen Hereford raspberries and leave them to mix with the London dry for 3 days. Let the raspberries linger on your palate with citric and spiced elements tantalising your taste buds.
No artificial sweeteners or colourants and the bottle would look incredible at the top of your tree!

Crafty Fox Forest Fruits – £42
Oooooo Foxy, Harrison Distillers from Skelmanthorpe, Huddersfield have been taking our retail store by storm this year! With the London Dry being incredibly popular, the forest fruits variant hit the nail on the head. Containing freshly pressed raspberries, blueberries, blackberries, strawberries and dark red cherries to sweeten, it’s your entire 5 a day in a bottle! (Please drink responsibly) Rich jammy notes and juniper remaining ever present, grandma will be dancing around the tree this year!

Aviation – £35
“An American gin owned by a Canadian” Ryan Reynolds, the genius behind the mask of Deadpool has been taking the spirit world by storm since acquiring Aviation Gin. With hilarious adverts with celebrity appearances, Aviation is truly the American gin that’s taking the world by storm and you know what, it’s pretty darn delicious too! With botanical such as sasparilla, lavender and orange peel its the perfect spirit for an aviator cocktail.

Sir Robin Of Locksley – £35
Robin Hood and Gin? The team at Locksley distilling in Sheffield produce some of the smoothest gins that will ever grace your palate and the staple mark the Sir Robin is the perfect example of that, with botanicals such as elderflower, dandelion root and pink grapefruit prominent. Grab your glass, fill it with lots of ice and enjoy, no need for tonic its that good! Or wanting something different? Try the VSOT (Very Strong Old Tom) it’ll keep you warm throughout winter.

Eden Mill Love – £32
A beautiful ceramic bottle with the word love emblazoned across the front, our creative hearts are racing! With a delicate pink hue and rose petal and hibiscus dominating, goji berry and raspberry leaf also feature.
Go the full length and accompany a single rose for the recipient to leave in the bottle afterwards and you’ve officially won Christmas!

Bathtub Gin – £34
And lastly on our list of gifts, Abelthorhs Bathtub Gin, what’s not to love? It’s already wrapped up for you in brown paper, with a sting and waxed top! The World Gin Awards Best Compounded Gin 2019 and you can tell why, infused with orange peel, cassia, cardamom and cloves, a delicate tinted hue is present and works incredibly in a Negroni! Thank me later!

For more options visit our online store or pop in store at The Piece Hall, Halifax where expert advice is available.
We raise a glass to you and your loved ones this Christmas.
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year xo

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