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20th June 2019
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“Divine by name, divine by nature”

When you think of Holmfirth, West Yorkshire usually the first thought is “Last of the Summer Wine” the classic British sitcom that ran for 295 episodes, it not only portrayed Yorkshire in a gleaming light but the royal family were known to be big fans of the series as well.
But with the show coming to an end in 2010, things have changed quite a lot, as much as we still associate the area with the programme, there’s a new talking point…  enter Divine Gin.

Created by the husband and wife team of Ray and Rachel at R2 distillers, the name Divine is derived from the couples time in the Royal Air Force, whilst the branding features a crossed over pair of ‘angel wings’ and the ‘D’ symbolising the gold standard they have set for each batch of gin.

Our first encounter with Divine Gin, was with the main man himself Ray, a man full of character, a dreary autumn day in 2017 but instantly the room was filled with his personality (one reason why he’s known as the nicest man in gin) at the time they were producing roughly 35 bottles per batch in their still ‘Francis’ (Named after Rays mother and Rachel’s father Francis) and only had the London Dry but instantly we were sold, a gin full of character yet encaptured in a beautifully branded bottle, an instant hit!

They now operate from a 500 litre still called ‘Angel’ which pushes out an impressive 300 bottles per batch and

Divine London Dry:
The staple mark London dry is a smooth yet charismatic affair. Often described as one of the most flavourful London Drys on the market.
Featuring botanicals such as Coriander, Angelica root, Cassia Bark, Grains of paradise, Orris root Cinnamon bark, Orange peel, Cardamom, Liquorice powder.

To the nose you get a piney, earthy note from the  juniper and grains of paradise.
To the palate, hints of citrus and spice open to a delicate explosion of cinnamon on the palate (fades out as quick as the clap of your hands making it a remarkable feature) which leads to a warming juniper dominant finish… Truly Divine!
Using modern distilling techniques and fresh Yorkshire spring water to produce a hearty aroma with a distinctive character, that ensuresa divine level of complexity.

Perfect serve: Fever Tree Indian Tonic with strawberries and black pepper or a slice of pink grapefruit.

Divine Raspberry

Keeping true to what they produce, Ray was very hit and miss about producing a flavoured gin as many that are available on the market, sit on the borderline of just being a flavoured spirit with little to no juniper present but he truly hit the nail on the head with his raspberry edition.
Using their London Dry as a base, rather than infusing raspberries, they squeeze every last drop out of frozen Hereford raspberries and leave them to mix with the London dry for 3 days.
No artificial sweeteners or colourants.

To the nose, you get the familiar piney, earthy tone of the London Dry with a delicate red berry fruit tone.
To the palate, the spiced and citric base of the London Dry remains prominent with delicate raspberry undertones playing in harmony (a splash of tonic really enhances the raspberry) whilst at the finish, a warming juniper dominant tone appears with hints of raspberry lingering.

Perfect Serve: Fever Tree Mediterranean or Elderflower Tonic with raspberries and mint.

Simply a divine drinking experience.


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